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Driving, racing and training simulation excellence

The GPSim series simulators offer the utmost in performance and fidelity.
Two rather distinct simulator types are offered: the GP-XL brand offers the ultimate race experience for fans and enthusiasts and the EDTS is built for the purpose of professional driver training.

Highlighted by its market leading position the GP-XL entertainment simulators are both cost-effective and reliable, proven by a track record of several years, while orders/SLA's runing into 2015!
The EDT Simulator is designed for training of police, ambulant medical assistance and fire fighter drivers as well as professional military drivers, with several verhicle setups: 4x4 up to 8x8 or on tracks, both on road as well as off road.

GPSim offers simulators with the latest technology: multi screen /beamers displays, 3D positional audio, 3D imaging, full motion / force systems etc.

It is our mission to deliver the GP and EDT simulators at the highest standards and to keep exceeding the expectations of existing and new customers.

Marcel Wierda MSc
Vesc bv / GPSIM.
Annen, The Netherlands


Vlaskamp 8/10
9461 VB Gieten
The Netherlands
tel +31 592 543 904

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